Dam  gharu  wood  shop

We are manufacturing source that controls quality of growing sprouts, raising trees, drilling wood to create agarwood substance, and distilling.  

Our farm is on 12 acres in Trat. We grow our plants with attention and drill wood by following traditional wisdom. Thus, agarwood substance is gradually derived. We do not use chemicals, enzyme, and uncommon substance to stimulate our trees. Then we will take care them for another 10 years until we get the dark wood with mild scent. The next step is to distill it through adjusted traditional process.

Though scent of derived oil cannot be the same, manufacturing standard has been maintained. We never sell the same scent but we offer naturalness and output from patience that can create the real agarwood oil with unique scent from the tropical area of Thailand.

Our scent is soft but deep, containing with little dry scent of wood. Such quality is different from oil from Vietnam and China that has a little dry scent so the oil is only fragrant during the earliest stage. Our careful wood fermentation makes oil have high density so it can provide deep scent in spite of applying little amount.

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